Going on Vacation...

Finally it's time for me and my family to go on vacation! Something we've really been looking forward to for a long time. Most Danes have begun at work again, but now it's time for me to leave Denmark and enjoy Italy. The weather in Denmark is cold, windy and rainy so I really look forward to feel some warmth and see the sun. My suitcase is packed with lots of goodies -a new bikini, printed summer dresses, pair of sandals, a camera and of course my beloved books. Italy here we come! While I'm on vacation you can't miss all the events Mary is going to attend. She is both attending a couple of openings of exhibitions, is present at the opening of Frederiksberg school and is going on a three days visit to Greenland. Yes I'll be missing quite a lot, but when I'm on vacation all electronic devices are banned. I'm sure my royal blogs friend will keep you update with everything you need to know. When I come home from my about two weeks of vacation, hopefully lovely tanned, things will change a bit. Don't worry, nothing bad. But on September 1st I'll go back studying for a bachelor in design culture and economic. This automatically means there will be less time for blogging. You all know how passioned I am about this blog and how much I love writing about the Crown Princess, but now I need to make priorities of my time. So in the future I'll still be following Mary's whereabouts, something I can't help, and hopefully I will find a way to manage both (have to!). Studying again is something I look forward to with great excitement and I can't wait to get started. Let this be my last words and then I wish you two wonderful weeks!! 

Magazine Review: Vogue Australia

It came as quite a surprise when I received the news that someone was offering me, my very own copy of the August issue of Vogue Australia! I couldn't believe it. Without this sweet woman's gesture I would not be able to get my hands on a copy. I'm truly grateful and honored. Even in my wildest imagination I never thought anyone would we so kind to me. Then a couple of days ago it arrived by mail. With great excitement I finally had the chance to make up my mind about the interview. Then I thought; why not share my thoughts with all of you? The next idea that crossed my mine was; why not make it as a book (magazine) review? Remember how thrilled you all were last time I did a review, here. Hope you'll enjoy reading this one as well.

Such a special feeling, sitting with a copy of Vogue Australia coming all the way from Australia, covering the Danish Crown Prince couple. Editor-in-chief Edwina McCann, her team and photographer Mario Testino met the couple on a sunny March day this year. The meeting took place at Amalienborg, Copenhagen, to talk with Crown Princess Mary about her commitment to sustainable fashion and gender equality. I get the sense of great admiration from the writer. She describes both of them as sincere, committed and down on earth. You feel good in their presents. No doubt that Mary is committed to everything she's doing whether it's promoting sustainable fashion solutions or create new bonds between companies and people on the issue of gender equality. Though I really like all the parts where she and her work is described by the editor-in-chief, I would love to have had many more comments from the Crown Princess herself on the topic.

Her curiosity and sincere commitment to everything she does, has led her to increase her knowledge and I know (from, among others, previous interviews) that Mary knows a lot about both gender equality and sustainable fashion. Why do we not get to hear that? Still, I'm sure this is not going to be the last time I'll read the interview because, as every other time, I have the feeling that I'm getting a little closer to understand who she is. As I myself get older, it has become more important for me to understand the choices she has taken. You know, I admire her and what she has become; to me she is a role model (though she does not see herself as a role model because she thinks it depends on who you ask) To me she is the woman I would like to be, with what she has achieved. No doubt that I'll do it my own way, but Mary makes me wanna fight for making the best out of myself, helping others and make the world a better place. So 4 out of 5 crowns from me!

News from the Mary Foundation

Back to work

There is always something going on around the Crown Princess who is constantly working. Beginning of June she stayed at Gråsten castle on vacation along with the rest of her family, now she has just been a week in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with Frederik to attend the Olympics, but is now back home ready to go back to work. On Wednesday a photos appeared on the foundation's Facebook page of Mary attending a weekly meeting with among others Director of the Mary Foundation Helle Østergaard taking place at Amalienborg around the large brown table. With the text: "We look forward to yet another half a year focusing on breaking taboos, disseminating knowledge and creating change for those who have bullying, violence and loneliness in the life. The plans are new, the basic idea is the same: "Everyone has the right to belong" the foundation is ready for new projects.  

The Mary Foundation goes to Greeland 

Mary and the Mary Foundation does not have to wait for long to get started because it is now official that the Crown Princess is going to Greenland along with the Foundation to attend a conference on domestic violence which is one of the fund's focus areas. They will also be visiting daycares and schools working with the Free of Bullying program. She also pays a visit to Nuuk shelter. They are visiting Greenland from August 29-31st.

Designers' Nest 2016

Wednesday, August 10th

Crown Princess Mary attended as patron Designers' Nest show and presentation of the award, which is taken place at Børsen, Copenhagen.

Designers' Nest
has since 2003 been a platform for Nordic design graduates. Two years later Designers' Nest Award was presented to expose and promote Scandinavian designers to an international audience -designers, media etc. The jury is a mix of Danish and International prominent figures representing the fashion industry. The winner receives DKK 50,000 Crown Princess Mary is patron of Designers' Nest. Read more about Designers' Nest Show and Award, here


Four days ago Mary was in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, along with her husband following the Olympics 2016. Before leaving on August 6th, just in time to bring her two oldest children to school after their summer vacation on Monday, she experienced a water polo game, a basketball game and closely followed the Danish swimming athletes fighting to get one of the coveted medals. Now she's back home and Copenhagen Fashion Week 2016 is started. What do they have to do with each other? -because Mary is patron of Designers' Nest she attended the show and presentation of the Designers' Nest award taking place at Børsen, Copenhagen. Around 1:00 pm. local time she arrived to Børsen to attend the show. Right from the beginning, Mary was in an excellent mood. She was welcomed by the sweetest flower girl handing over a bouquet, created by Det Sorte Træ, here, perfectly matching her coat. The flower girl wasn't the only one thrilled about meeting the Crown Princess. Here, here and here you see some of those who got the chance to be photographed with Mary -hope I get the chance one day (if I do not pass out). From first raw she watched the show of Fonnesbech with great interest.

I'm not hysterical about Copenhagen Fashion Week nor Designers' Nest, but I think it's really interesting following shows and see what designers have been up to all year. Yes, I love fashion (as most of you lovely people does), look for trends and match new outfits inspired by what I've seen. So Copenhagen Fashion Week is closely followed me. For Mary to be patron of Designers' Nest makes it even better! I know press around the world is especially interested in Mary at such an events. Because what will she wear to represent fashion when the world is looking? She always amazes me at, fashion events or not, and for certain I was not disappointed this year! I gasps as my jaw almost hit the floor. Mary was wearing her white Julie Fagerholt Heartmade dress as seen on the cover of Eurowoman, here, in April, featuring gold threads glimpsing in the sunlight. Absolutely amazing to see her in that dress again. Overwhelmed by the dress, I was completely surprised by the new coat she wore; a long, mustard coat. Never thought we would ever see Mary wear anything like this, despite she has a couple of coats similar to this one. Trying to ID it, Kate and I stumbled across an Autumn model from Fonnesbech (Aw16). Now when we got more photos, I'm very sure it is in fact a Fonnesbech coat. Styled with a pair of Sergio Rossi t-strap pumps and a Carlend Copenhagen clutch her outfit looks completely fabulous. Besides a clutch and pair of pumps, the outfit only included golden earrings from Dulong Fine Jewelry, a ring from the same designer and a couple of tiny golden bracelets. Especially I love how her hair looks all soft and wavy. Simply gorgeous!

Coat: Fonnesbech Amaya Long Jacket
Dress: Julie Fagerholt Heartmade Hemsley Dress (on sale)
Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry Esme Earrings w. Diamonds
Ring: Dulong Fine Jewelry Stella Ring, Guld
Cltuch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa Original Croco
Shoes: Sergio Rossi Brown Snakeskin and Suede Pumps